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Excitement: new arrivals at the "klutz farm"!
Well, maybe it ain't that bad... My herb corner is ready to receive these guys - a spot for everyone and everyone in their spot. If the neighbor would just trim his darn trees back we'd get some sunshine, too!

cilantro     curry     garlic     feverfew/migraine herb     oregano

Now - if I can just get these in the ground before they get all root-bound in their pots!
The Survivors: hey, they made it!
These valiant warriors made it through - they may go into shock once I get my new improved herb-handling established... Most of these are second-year plants, apparently happily ensconced in the shady corner, glad to be left to their own devices.

chili pepper     horehound     majoram     rosemary

pennyroyal     english thyme     parsley

chives     sage

It's always a thrill to see new sproutlings on the old friends. This year the patch will be better tended and pruning more ruthless - my herb patch shall be show material!
My early
are few, but colorful!

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