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First: my roses
- most of these guys have survived my treatment for about 15 years, leading me to
believe that roses may be one of the hardier plants to grow! All but the climber have
full Southern exposure, and that is pretty torturous here in Southern California!

yellow rose    red rose    pink rose    dark yellow rose

pink mini rose    orange rose    red climbing rose    white rose

The name tags are long gone - no matter - "Pretty Flower" will do by me...
after all, I'm doing this for FUN!

Next: my "Other Pretties"
For years I've struggled with annuals, but since I'm not much of a "formal gardener" the results have tended to be a bit hap-hazard - I'd put in too few of one kind and mixed nearly incompatible (growth-wise) plants in some spots, just 'cause I liked them and WANTED them there, by gum. Seems to me that most annuals do best if planted en-masse for striking color - as the ads say "annual COLOR". So, last year I finally decided to try my hand at perennials and also pay attention to growing/flowering times to avoid the thundra-look in-between. So far, so good! My new friends seem to be cooperating very nicely, considering that this is their second year of torture by yours truly...

columbine    hollyhock    orange-yellow nasturtium    pink cosmos    coral bells

violet    forget-me-not    pink hibiscus    marygold

OK, OK - they're not ALL perennials, but some are good "self-reseeders".
After the roses, the Cosmos have GOT to be the most forgiving plants around. They grow anywhere, I swear, and reseed throughout the season (whatever that is...) so there are nearly always some of these gracile eye-catchers in bloom. I have them in partial shade, full shade, full sun - everybody seems to be equally happy!

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