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Herbs, wonderful herbs!
I never knew Curry was a bush - I just thought it was a bunch of exotic, aromatic spices magically blended with some kind of chili peppers and turmeric (for the yellow). It is probably the one addition to my herb garden that I'm the most thrilled with - LOVE that smell! This is also my first attempt at growing my own garlic. I bought already growing plants, but have put some cloves straight into the ground, too - we shall see.

baby basil    borage    curry bush    garlic

oregano    horehound    majoram    parsley

Wait - this looks like spaghetti sauce to me: garlic, oregano, basil, parsley...
Now, where could I put an Olive tree?

More herbs:
There's quite a mix, here. Some plants are new this spring, some are survivors of my klutsy gardening habits! There are even a few who reseeded themselves (gluttons for punishment?). Seriously, though, I'm really working on my garden, this year - determined to survive Y2K with not just adequate supplies, but well-seasoned such...

absinth     arugula    cilantro/coriander    echinacea

pennyroyal    english thyme    mint mint

sage    chili pepper    rosemary    feverfew/migraine herb

Herbs are so much FUN!
I'm getting really frisky, this year! There have always been some herbs in my garden, but somehow my tooth got bloodied... It's all Home Depot's "fault" - they have some out-of-the-ordinary plants this year (or is it just that I paid attention, for once?) and I can't resist. What did it was finding Arugula there, last year (delicious with tomatoes).
Now, the challenge is to get the family to eat some aromatic food - I love it, and sooner or later they'll get hungry enough....hehehe!

are a colorburst!

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