(cute... but what a pain)

           The PERP (left)
           ...and the VICTIM (above)

A well fed one, at that - he spent several weeks eating his way through most of my "prize-winning" dill. The dill was HUGE, so it had really hefty, juicy tap-roots, and it appears Mr.Gopher developed a severe taste for "dill-carrots"! Uncounted gallons of water went down his freshly dug tunnels (within 15 minutes of his emergence), but determination is apparently everything in a gopher's life, for he kept coming back for more. He laughs at my gopher-purge. The poisoned, brightly colored "gopher-meal" I sprinkled into his tunnels did not phaze him!
Well fed and clean - he ought to be a real catch in the gopher-world.

Some of the

He's not been terribly active in the past few weeks - the dill is gone, and the other nibbles he tried were evidently not as tasty. Disturbingly enough, though, I just found a tell-tale hole near one of the new dill plants, nestled in with some Cosmos...grrrr - he wants WAR!
(Stay tuned...)

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