That Time – Again.

  Time for what?

  Well, I must have been having fun, seeing how long it’s been since I last made an entry here. If you’ve visited lately, you may have noticed that some of Robert’s art is no longer on display here – specifically the original art for sale.

  We’ve discussed the various on-line venues for selling Robert’s art and agreed that dedicating certain venues to the sale of certain products may be the best avenue to persue. With this clarification finally accomplished, we (actually Robert, officially!) have joined FineArtAmerica with a view to offering Robert’s original paintings through them! So that’s where you can now enjoy the more recent works still available for purchase. They provide great displays with the ability to show close-up details, and easy navigation to boot. If you should be interested in making a purchase, you’d still be dealing directly with Robert for these originals.

  The Etsy shop will be dedicated to the prints – both giclées and lithos – and some more vintage original works, as well as the greeting cards, of course.

  The above changes are now in place, and I’ll be working on “restoring” some of the old, regular website for the more archival aspects – although there may not really be much change to the portions linked here on the archives tabs, but I’ll likely add some more content back in. We’ll see – there’s so much to go through!

  Anyways, take a look at the FineArtAmerica page, and of course feel free to “like”, “follow”, etc. We need to build the “presence” there, so the more, the merrier. And, THANK YOU in advance!

  In addition to the link below, I’m also adding it, of course, to the “Purchase RK’s Art” tab on the main menu above!

Robert Karr, Artist