Normalcy Restored…

  Yours truly has learned a valuable lesson!!!


  At some point, a Javascript snuck into the code, a module part of a plug-in that otherwise has some useful (and necessary) components for a webmistress. Well, if you wanted to look at Robert’s original artwork currently offered for sale here on the site, you most likely encountered a rather bizarre display, something called “carousel”. Well, that may be fine for some purposes, but it certainly made for a fine mess for ours! It was nearly impossible to actually see the description and contact information, and – what you did get was on a black background. And we “hates” black background!

  Anyways, I was shocked to find this unintended change to the site, especially since I spent a LOT of effort making the art display the way I wanted it to in the first place… My blog La Vita Nuova uses the same WP theme and the same plug-in cluster – with the same components activated (or so I thought…), and to my puzzlement, pictures displayed as I intended them to on that blog. Although I “hate” troubleshooting, I have to admit it is rather satisfying when I find the solutions, and after much checking on various settings, etc., and visiting forums (turns out the wrong ones, the culprit wasn’t the blog theme, but rather that plug-in) I finally found the offending component and, despite it trying to be coy about the how-to, I managed to have it show me the magic “de-activate” button.


And – it WORKED, so I hope that if you are one of the previously undoubtedly frustrated visitors, you will now go ahead and browse through RK’s wonderful art for sale – and maybe even make an offer on a piece, or two.

REMEMBER: Your offer is to Robert, directly – he will always try to work with you towards a satisfactory deal, so don’t be shy!

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