B-52D Painting by RK

B-52D Painting by RK

I can’t believe it!
This great painting of Robert’s is STILL pining for a new home.

  I know, I know – I’ve been harping on this for quite some time, now, but this painting is truly spectacular and should rightfully have left the premises a long, long time ago. So it IS large – 48″x69″ – but appropriately so, the B-52 isn’t exactly the Cri-Cri or the Silver Bullet…

  It is an older work of Robert’s, but certainly not an “inferior” piece, as he’s always been a stickler for accuracy and detail – as you can see in this detail close-up:

B-52D Detail Close-up

B-52D Detail Close-up

  This was a commission abt. 25 yrs ago and has had the same owner ever since. It is in GREAT condition – it needed only a cleaning and very minor touch-ups (which RK has taken care of, of course!). Executed on a hard surface (masonite, I believe), it may be a challenge to ship this piece – but challenges are there to be overcome, so let’s see what we can work out, together!

  We haven’t received ANY offers on this piece – maybe you’re intimidated by the size of the painting as compared to Robert’s “usual” pieces? Please don’t be! This one seriously needs to go, so give us some feed-back, maybe even a “counter offer”, on a proposed $1,500.- US price tag?

  I know – it’s insane, but space is at a premium around here, as it is to the former owner who talked Robert into taking custody of the painting when down-sizing…

  Sounds like “hangar-size”, doesn’t it? Or great for that large blank wall in the conference room, or a striking display half-way up the wall to the cathedral ceiling.

Think about it. Be creative. Fill that wall. Make that offer!

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