Fine Artist Robert Karr, a.k.a. “RK”.

Robert is a SoCal native & life-long resident and has been involved in art since early childhood. His main inspiration is historical aviation with emphasis on WWI, but a great love of WWII airplanes took an early hold since his Dad served in the AAF during the war.

Historic Aviation is a passion and few depict it with as much accuracy as RK. His involvement & skill in research & interpretation of WWI aviation, in particular, is recognized world-wide by leading aviation historians. His book cover art is sought after by the foremost publishers in the genre and has been featured regularly over the past decade.

Every once in a while, RK’s brain needs a vacation – and that is when his surrealistic side surfaces. Personally, I LOVE it! “Late for Breakfast – Again” is but one example, and just the title itself seems to speak for both of us… (always catching up!)

Robert’s paintings are predominantly executed with air brushed acrylic paints on hardboard.

The giclée prints are printed with archival EPSON inks on archival EPSON matte medium.


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  1. Hello Robert,

    My name is Daniel Demeter, I live in Santa Maria, CA. I love your aviation paintings! I am looking for a particular painting you did back in 1984 I cannot find anywhere. I first saw the painting on an internet site called ‘,” on an article titled “Ambush over Hungary” by Steve Blake. It is a painting you did after interviewing Hungarian pilot Corporal Faludi in an air battle over Hungary with an American P-38.

    The painting on the site has no “Title” just that Mr. Faludi liked it so much he bought it. I was wondering if you only painted the original, or did you ever reproduce that particular piece?

    I would certainly love to add that piece to my modest collection.

    Thank you for your time,

    Daniel Demeter

    • Hello!
      Firstly- thanks for writing! And thanks for the good words!
      That image first appeared in the long-gone magazine “Fighter Pilots in Aerial Combat”, a rather inelegant title for a short-lived but great 1980’s publications- edited and published by Steve Blake. It was truly for the hardcore aviation fan, filled with original research from archive digging to interviews with pilots from around the world, not just aces. Steve had been working on the article and called me about doing a cover painting. So I said yes. Then it was my special privilege getting to know Mr. Faludi or “Charlie” as he was called around SoCal aviation scene. And he drove me on that painting- he wanted the waterway in it to be a canal- not a river! He did the classic “fighter pilot demonstration pose” with his hands in the classic fashion and had me sight down his arms to get the two airplanes juxtaposed just right! I guess he was happy with the finished painting since he bought it! Much later, in the late 90’s, Steve and myself sanctioned a translation into French for publication in France. Aside from the language change, the article was the same and featured the same photos and my painting.
      Sadly, other than the two magazine appearances, the picture never made it to print. I’m not at all sure, but there’s slight ( very slight) possibilty that SOMEWHERE around here I may have the large color transparancy that was used for magazine printing, but it would take me 6 months of constant digging to find it- IF it exists.
      Wish I could’ve said yes to your question!
      Thanks Again

  2. Hello sir!
    I am very impressed with your artwork, you have a true gift! I sent you an email earlier tonight after viewing the painting you did of the B17 Flying fortress, “Hikin for home” and I wanted to share a story with you. I am thirty one years old now, but when I was younger, I was in a hospital waiting room, waiting for my father to have a serious procedure performed. My mother and sister were also with me. I met a kind older man, and he and I started talking about history. This kind old man, that was there waiting for his wife to have a procedure, and reasuring me that my father would be alright, turned out to be Harry Rollinson JR, The co-pilot of the famed WII B17 Flying fortress “hikin for home”. I was very involved in history, specificly WWII aviation history since my father was a pilot. This encoutner really meant something to me and I and my family kept in touch with Harry and his wife until his passing. I just wanted to share the story of this WWII legend, taking the time to talk to a young, interested young man and the impact it made on my life. I am very interested in purchasing a copy of that print, and like I said…I sent you an email.

    Take care,