NO Public Grants, here!

100% Grant-Free Artist!

  Consensual economic activity. No taking of resources from one person or entity and giving them to someone else. Voluntary exchange. That’s the best way I see to “show support for the arts”.
  No matter how “meritorious” a piece of “art” may be, no matter how acclaimed by critics or some government agency, no one should be forced to pay for it. Point being:  those with the lordly powers to dispense public resources according to their particular whims, agendas and biases are not much better than armed robbers.
  The freedom to speak also includes the freedom to not speak, and forced support of the arts is forced speech. That’s why I’m relying (and always have relied) on people exercising their freedom of taste, and people who happen to like my work. So, if you see something here that appeals to you, and the price is right – go for it!

  Support art liberated from the taint of force and poisoned by denial of liberty!

(signed: Robert)