Image Licensing

Professional quality digital files (TIFF format) are available for immediate licensing
and delivery (e-mail attachment or ftp – your choice) of many of Robert’s works.

Please e-mail us to check for availability!Some of the images are in use for the open edition giclée prints signed by the Artist, for sale through this website. They are, however, available for other uses, so please inquire!

Fokker D.VII

SE5a/Billy Bishop’s

Sopwith Triplane

Fokker DR.I


Lozenge pattern on
compound curves study

Fokker D.XXI

Arado 234

P-51 Mustang

P-26 Peashooter

A-26 Invader

Gloster Gladiator “Faith”

Albatros D.III

BE-2c Hunting Zeppelins

Nieuport 28’s/94th Aero

Halberstadt D.III

Halberstadt D.III

Aviation Art: Sopwith Camel

Sopwith Camel

Aviation Art: Nieuport 11

Nieuport 11

Aviation Art: Pfalz D.III

Pfalz D.III

Aviation Art: Bf-109G6


Aviation Art: A6M5 Model 52/Zero

A6M5 Model 52/Zero

Aviation Art: P-40B/Tomahawk


Aviation Art: P-51D/Mustang


These files can be modified to suit your requirements (dpi, size, jpg, pdf)
More images will be offered for licensing in the future on no particular schedule.

A proposed licensing agreement must include specific use(s), specific time frame(s) for license, artist-indemnification clause, as well as geographic limitations in addition to monetary compensation arrangements. The Artist – Robert Karr – retains all copyrights to images offered and/or used.
Unauthorized sub-licensing or other uses will be prosecuted!

Questions? E-mail us for sample pricing, or to propose a “deal”.