Day trips

Thought I’d list some of the excursions into the web-world, so far. It’s not really spectacular, and some of you will probably go: “Who cares?” Well, you don’t have to care, it may provide a minor “aha!” moment to the current fans of Robert’s (RK) art who’ve possibly wondered about the familiar tone throughout our presence. Mainly, it gives me an opportunity to survey the route up to this point, and plan a better, less zig-zaggy one from here on!

It all started in 1997 with our first modern PC, and a very simple website – spurred by an article in the local newspaper that gave some basic HTML tags. That was just so much fun, I dove in, feet first, and built up a pretty nice art gallery with good navigation. Server space provided was limited, so I had to expand to additional screen names. It became a passion! Back then, submitting a web-site to a search engine resulted in almost immediate listing – there just weren’t all that many web-sites out there, yet. Web access was via dial-up modem – remember those? – and the service provider charged by the minute! Now there’s a double whammy – slow AND timed.

A few years later we bought a domain name and hosting service, and I moved the web-site to our domain. The basic lay-out was kept all the way through, but I’d change “decor”, and, of course, add new material as appropriate. Then on-line stores were all the rage and I jumped on that wagon, building up a shopping site complete with our own merchant gateway. This was extensively linked to the “original” website because of all the art archive galleries in place to show off RK’s sold pieces.

The whole merchant account set-up got to be too expensive, so back to a basic web-site, this time somewhat re-designed. Shopping was (is) still offered, this time with order form and Paypal payments via billing. Too cumbersome. –  but I was out of ideas. I did add a blog, intended for RK to keep visitors up-to-date on what’s going on, maybe a tip or two, certainly opinions (never a lack in that department!). But, alas, RK didn’t take to blogging, he struggled with it for a while but just never got comfortable or engaged with it.

Meanwhile, social media exploded. I joined Facebook, invited by a most unlikely person. Yes, I am now one of those addicts… A couple of months later I joined Twitter – as AviationArtLife! I’ve been pretty active there, but the last couple of months I’ve been laying low, working on this whole re-grouping thing. Of course, I HAD to build a Facebook “fan-page” for RK, which has provided quite a lot of fun and utility.

The latest discovery is Etsy. Late November, 2010, I opened shop there for Robert’s art, the catchy shop name is “LateForBreakfast”.

Those are the main day trips, so far. I’ve got a taste for a longer-lasting excursion, now, in fact I’d like to take this to a luxury cruise level! This new blog, AviationArtLife, is the ship and you’ll have all the amenities accessible right here. Sound good? – I think so!

Better get back to my ship-building, here. Please check back soon, again. I’m always open to input, but don’t send me any service offers – they will be treated as spam (not the edible kind…).

(this is the wife speaking!)