A journey long in coming

As every journey does, this one started with that first step. That step was “decision”. Decision to drastically alter the web presence for Robert Karr, Artist – Historical Aviation Specialist. Next came the “how”, which was closely linked to the “decision”.

Those two steps have now been taken care of, at least at the basic conceptual level. Some re-thinking may occur there in the future, but the steps that now follow are the more tedious ones. This is where it comes down to the organizational aspects of the make-over, and that is what I’m working on right now, even with this blog post. I’m using it as a tool to test out flow and reasonability of my segmentation, to help determine whether I’m actually able to generate excitement in YOU, the visitor, without confusing you.

To this end I will be separating out the “art archives” more clearly, so that there’s NO DOUBT about the segment being purely for enjoyment (and familiarization, if you are only now being introduced to Robert’s wonderful talent).

This post is mostly just intended as a place-holder, while I’m working on adding the main content to the various areas of the blog. There will be pages with shopping opportunites, widgets with activities of various character. And, of course, there will be plenty of pictures! So, if things look a bit sparse right now, bear in mind that this is only the beginning. Check back on a regular basis, I’m on a ROLL!

Thanks for the visit, and please make it a habit.

(this is the wife speaking!)