A Days of Dogs Summer…

  Our lives changed back in March, when I went on a (unsuccessful) supply run for Robert. Waiting at a traffic light I spotted a sign I hadn’t noticed before that made me go straight, instead of turning left to go home. The sign was for WAGS pet adoptions. I knew there was a veterinary clinic in that location, but this was new to me. Had to go look-see… Well, needless to say, I fell in love with a reserved but sweet & friendly little girl and got to spend a little time with her. Oh, I wanted her to come home right there and then – but, I figured I’d better check with RK first. After all, it was an unexpected and certainly unplanned turn of events. Fortunately, RK said “fine”, but it was too late that afternoon to get the adoption rolling, it actually had to wait until the following Tuesday (this was all on a Saturday afternoon). The process was very smooth, not at all as intimidating as some adoption outfits, and because both Molly and I are considered “seniors”, the fee was discounted, also! It was one of the happiest days in my life in a looong time when I brought little Molly home, I knew this was going to change everything for the better (and, it has!).

  Doggies need walks, so that’s been a really good change to my rather sedentary routine. With the walks comes getting to know, sometimes re-acquainting with, the neighbors and the neighborhood, which has been both interesting and rewarding. Having the stamp of “sucker” on the forehead lead to us then adopting little Manny in the middle of June, right off the street. “Hey, lady, do you want another dog?” Like I said, having “sucker” written all over makes you an easy target… So, Manny tried out over the weekend, and all was fine – no contentiousness between her and Molly, so we said OK. Such an unlikely dog, I keep saying. Definitely not a dog I would have picked out by the looks. But boy, oh boy, has she ever grown on both of us! Chihuahua Min-Pin and god-knows-what mix, with a tail borrowed from a Pug – nice tight curl. Now, she’s a very young dog, so there’s a lot to do in her world, stuff to explore and a number of things that her humans don’t approve of that she’s trying to convince us really should be allowed.

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  So – that’s my excuse! The summer was taken up by doggie delight. 😉

  Meanwhile, I’m getting back into the swing, and working on the Lithographs for sale here on the site. I have a few more code insertions to make, but they should be up before the day is over. I’m adding RK’s two self-published noseart lithos to be purchased right here, without having to go through the Etsy shop. This also means that we save on fees, so I’ll be offering these two with FREE U.S. shipping. Payment processing will be through Paypal’s gateway, but you DO NOT have to register for an account with them – it’s like any other payment gateway.

  Well, I guess I’d better get back to “it”. More deals are in the making – you won’t be disappointed, so make sure you check back!